MUCHO MATH is a tool designed to strengthen mathematical vocabulary and mental math through best practice teaching methods (discovery learning, scaffolding, spiraling, and customized learning).

Each level of Mucho Math requires students to follow commands on how to move around the hundreds chart.   As students progress through the 50 increasingly difficult levels, they build mental math skills and basic math vocabulary needed to excel in mathematics.

Additional mini-games give students positive reinforcement to encourage them to continue passing levels.   These games further build student vocabulary while giving them a break from the hundreds chart lessons.

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Discovery learning with the Hundreds Chart is central to learning in Mucho Math.   Students discover techniques that enable them to do mental math.   For example...

• Counting over ten is the same as moving down one

• Adding 9 is the same as adding 10 and taking away 1

• Subtracting 37 is the same as taking away 40 and adding 3

A scaffold ensures that students achieve higher levels of vocabulary and mental math success.   The first level starts with only the numbers "one" and "ten" and the math terms "Start with", "add", and "subtract".   With each new level, the vocabulary gradually builds.

Also, by spiraling previously learned skills and vocabulary with new skills and vocabulary, students are given the repetitive practice needed for sustaining what they have learned.

Mucho Math builds math vocabulary by gradually introducing new words, continuously repeating previously learned vocabulary, complimenting the textual commands with audio, and giving students a vocabulary section to look up words they are unfamiliar with.

Customized learning is important for students of varying math levels and ability levels.   Tracking individual student progress and allowing them to work at their own pace enables learning to be customized to each student's needs.

Mucho math also incorporates positive reinforcement.   After completing each level, students are given positive feedback from an animated character and also rewarded with a coin.   Students can save up their coins or spend them immediately in the Mucho Math GAME ROOM.   Though these games are designed to further build math vocabulary, they give students a fun break from the hundreds chart activities.   When students complete the final level, they are awarded with a certificate of completion to print and have their teacher sign.